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Welcome to a New Dawn: PTSD Recovery

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The Total Relief Method is a groundbreaking approach to overcoming the debilitating effects of PTSD. Our program is designed to guide you through a transformative process that renews the mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to reclaim the life you want and deserve by restoring your breathing and sleep.

Experience Immediate Alleviation

Our journey begins with the Alleviation stage, where you’ll experience immediate relief. Through targeted neuromuscular techniques, we activate your diaphragm, promoting deeper, more restorative breathing. As your nervous system calms, the noise and pain that once clouded your existence start to fade, replaced by a serene sense of relaxation. You’ll learn and practice daily tools to maintain this newfound tranquility.

Elevate with Activation

Progressing to the Activation stage, you’ll feel a reawakening of dormant muscle fibers, making every movement more fluid and effortless. Your balance and coordination will improve, and any residual pain will dissipate. This stage is not just about physical transformation; it’s about enhancing your mental focus and integrating stress-reduction practices into your everyday life, fostering resilience and a positive outlook.

Achieve Mastery and Maintain Harmony

In the Mastery stage, you’ll solidify the gains made in the Activation stage, ensuring the optimal signals between your brain and body are locked in. You’ll rise above the chaos of the world, establishing healthy boundaries and addressing stress with poise and confidence. Your breathing will become a natural, unconscious rhythm of health, signaling a complete internalization of the Total Relief Method.

The Science Behind the Method

Dr. Rubenstein has discovered a quantum leap in the treatment of PTSD, both Military and Civilian. Today’s common treatments revolve around the symptoms of PTSD, not the cause. Dr. Rubenstein’s method targets the cause of PTSD, working with the programing level of the brain (deeper than the conscious and subconscious levels). The program’s approach is natural, using the physical connection with the brain, eliminating errors in the nervous system through nearly 200 components – working all the muscles of the body, except the private ones, regardless of physical limitations. This program does not use medication, devices, talk therapy or invasive procedures. As this therapy continues, you and your practitioner are literally returning your body/brain signals to their original settings, thus producing a permanent result.

The Results

The result of the treatment is obtained by working in tandem with a practitioner to produce particular physical movements called Calibrations. This is not a passive treatment – your involvement is required from both a physical and mental standpoint. As you concentrate on producing these specially designed movements, errors in the nervous system are corrected, causing changes in chemical production. These changes are noticeable, perhaps subtle at first. As more serotonin is produced and production of adrenaline is reduced, the mind and body calm to the point of deep relaxation. This is commonly mistaken for fatigue as people who have been in constant fight or flight mode have difficultly remembering what being relaxed truly feels like. By the end of the program, your body and brain can successfully maintain an existence free of drama and stress. Upon completion, you will have implemented several lifestyle changes and tools to assist you in the maintenance of the results, such as breathing, walking and stretching. The maintenance program includes quarterly sessions and access to the Calibrated Community for additional support.

As the stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine) collapse, miraculous things begin to happen:

1. Brain fog disappears
2. Focus and concentration are restored
3. Triggers produce less or no physical and emotional responses
4. Nightmares become dreams with no emotional attachment
5. Relationships improve
6. Outbursts become smaller and farther apart
7. Sleep quality improves
8. Serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine increase
9. The desire for drugs, alcohol and abundance of food evaporate
10. Hope returns

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If you’re ready to leave PTSD behind and step into a life of clarity and calm, we are here to light the way and bring you hope once again. Join us and transform your life.



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