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Unique Brain-Body Reset for Natural Balance and Optimal Health

What Does It Do for You?

  • Eliminate stress

  • Give you better sleep

  • Increase your energy

  • Improve mental focus and clarity

  • Leads to optimum physical performance

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What is the Total Relief Method™?

Discover an innovative non-invasive health solution paradigm to defrag and reboot your body and brain

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Enhance brain performance
  • Treat sleep issues
  • Optimize breathing
  • Relieve body pain
  • Addiction recovery empowerment

The Total Relief Method™ is a rapid recovery non-medical therapy that uses small and precise resistance motions called Calibrations to establish new signal patterns in the brain, mind and body. These Calibration motions are performed by a highly skilled certified practitioner with deep knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. The client is actively engaged in the process– setting this Method apart from all others. The certified practitioner uses specific ‘contact points’ that when touched by the practitioner triggers specific muscle reflexes. The client pushes against the practitioner’s hands while being guided verbally to move in a precise direction, force, and speed. The proprietary motion recipe gently triggers the brain to switch into a hyper-learning state. During this state, the brain removes incorrect, inefficient or extraneous signals and replaces them with highly refined patterns not only for motion but for thinking, emotion, and behavior.

The evidence base of this Method is vast and is documented in the laboratory, by third party examinations, as well as in the highly predictable outcomes for healing stress, anxiety, depression, brain fog, sleep problems, and body pain. As an example, the first article ever published using this technique became the number one medical article in the world the week of its 2010 debut in The Journal of Practical Pain Management. The impact to stress markers is immediate and long lasting. The process is methodical, systematic, and reliable reducing stress by an average of 70% in the first session alone.

Dr. David Rubenstein

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