Practitioner Training & Certification

Dr. David Rubenstein performing a neuro-muscular calibration in the Rubenstein Method
Dr. David Rubenstein teaching the Rubenstein Method

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Learn the science behind this revolutionary system

2 Levels of Conceptual & Practical Education and Hands-On Application

Receive all Patient wellness treatments that you learn ($5400 value)

You can immediately apply Level 1 training to serve clients

1- Year Membership for Certified Practitioners

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Level 1 training begins in November
Level 2 training continues and completes in 2022

Level 1 Training – Fall 2021 Orange County, CA

November 10  (Wed) Orientation, 6:30pm-8pm
November 13-14  (Sat – Sun), 8am-8pm
November 19-21  (Fri – Sun), 8am-8pm
December 3-5  (Fri – Sun), 8am-8pm
December 10-12  (Fri – Sun), 8am-8pm

Level 2 Training – Spring 2022 Orange County, CA

January 19 – Orientation
January 21, 22 & 23 (Fri-Sun)
January 28, 29 & 30 (Fri-Sun)
February 11, 12 & 13 (Fri-Sun)
February 25, 26 & 27 (Fri-Sun)


Education & Personal Wellness Investment

3 Payments of $5300 @ $15,900
pay by the start of each trimester of training


SAVE $2,700 with a Single Payment of $13,200
pay by the start of Level 1 and save 17%

Payment plans available. Must be paid in full by November 10th.  We accept Cash, Check, Zelle, PayPal, and Varidi Financing.

Practitioner Training and Certification Level 1

Calibration is the ultimate reset for the body and brain to recover from Trauma(s). Precise movements called ‘Calibrations’ are performed during a series of sessions to cause the brain to go into a light trance – the optimum state for the nervous system to restore its original settings or to be optimized. The result is a sustained, calm, mental and physical functioning and optimum breathing. This leads to better sleep, clearer thinking, more confidence, stabilized emotions, substantially reduced body pain, and overall better health.

This program consists of 2 levels. Level 1 will certify you in the Diaphragm Activation, Jaw, Hand, Arm, Leg & Foot Neuromuscular Calibration protocols in addition to the breathing and stretching protocols.

Rubenstein Method Breathing Protocols

This program will show you how the body works and why the way that we breathe will always predetermine our stress levels. By changing the mechanics of how the body breathes back to its proper and natural default breathing settings, you will then know why these new mechanics are a great addition to your clients’ stress solution.

You will be certified in three amazing techniques that are simple and easy to master and when to use each one to address the stress/situation you find a client in. You will be also rewarded for each practice session of breathing that you do on your own. You will keep chipping away not only on the stress you and your clients have now, but also the stress experienced in the past.


Series 8 Fascia Stretch Maintenance Protocols

There are three main types of fascia: Superficial Fascia, which is mostly associated with the skin; Deep Fascia, which is mostly associated with the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels; and Visceral (or Subserous) Fascia, which is mostly associated with the internal organs.

You will be certified in 12 stretches that address the Deep Fascia for the purpose of reducing or eliminating body pain for your clients in addition to increasing their breathing capacity.

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